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Thanks to everyone who joined us for our VBS preview night.  We had a lot of fun, and learned a lot of ways to help children connect with God.  Don’t forget, we put a discussion board on our Facebook page for VBS leaders to share stories, find props, and talk about anything VBS related.  You can find the link on the left-hand side of our page.

Many of you have noticed the changes at our store recently, with the new event center, the chapel, and the promotions we have been running.  We’re really excited about the changes, and we have a couple new changes to announce as well.

Hackman’s is now on Foursquare!  Foursquare is a GPS based mobile app that allows you to “check-in” when you visit a location.  The first time you check-in at Hackmans, you will unlock a special for a free laser engraved pen with any purchase.  Just show the unlocked special to one of our employees, and we will engrave your free pen while you wait.

Our new website should hopefully be up within the next week or two, and we have a new logo that we’re rolling out as well. 

We’d love to hear your feedback on all these exciting new changes.  If there are any specials events that you would like to see Hackman’s do, we’d love to hear your suggestions!  Our new chapel in the store is also complete.  It is a great place for a small group, or to sit and pray.

Don’t forget- you can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Foursquare!


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Valentine’s Day is looming, and we were so impresed with the submissions we received for our Amishview Inn giveaway.   The winner will be announced this week.  This Valentine’s Day, make sure you let the people you care about know you love them, and give thanks to God for the blessings they give you every day.

If you’re still looking for a special gift, stop by and check out our selection of engraveable gifts.  We’ll engrave for you while you wait.  An engraved bible or other gift is something that your loved one can use time and time again, and cherish for years to come.

For those of you who like to bake or eat chocolate on Valentine’s Day (and who doesn’t?), we suggest giving this healthy chocolate pie recipe a try.  The recipe can be found in “Kristen’s Healthy Kitchen Recipes”, by Kristen Stoll.  If you don’t have a copy, you can pick one up in store.

Chocolate Pie:

Pie Crust:

1 1/2 cups spelt flour

1/2 cup barley flour

1 teaspoon salt

1/4 cup Earth Balance butter

2 tablespoons cold water (enough to get your pie dough consistancy)

Mix in food processor until dough rolls up into a ball.  Roll out into a pie shell.

Bake until light brown.


4 avocados

3/4 cup cocoa

1 cup date paste

2 teaspoons vanilla


Mix in food processor until super creamy.  Add water as needed for desired texture.


Bonus #1 You can use this filling as pudding; just omit the pie shell and place in a bowl.  Top with sliced strawberries and a dallop of cashew cream.

Our next event coming up is on Feb. 15, at 10 AM: a discussion on ROMANS 12, “The Christian Life”.  For those of you who missed our Dr. Stoll and Courageous bible studies, remember you can still discuss these topics in the “discussions” area of our Facebook page.  We will be featuring another event featuring Dr. Stoll this coming month that will be very exciting.  We’ll have more details soon.


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One of the many reasons that we decided to start this blog was due to inspiration from Ruth Hackman’s, “Reflections”, a column in the Morning Call that started on Nov. 2, 1974, and ran for 22 years.

Originally intended as a sales column for Hackman’s, “Reflections” quickly became a “personal chitchat” column, which readers were thrilled with.  The column read very much like blogs today do.  Ruth would offer personal reflections, talk about her family, and share household tips.

Not only did Ruth’s column make Hackman’s and their store widely known around the valley, but she offered a subtle spritual guide for those that had lost their way, and invited customers and readers into the Hackman’s lives.

Thank you, Ruth, for starting such a wonderful tradition and creating the community relationships that we value so dearly.

Our next bible study will be on Feb. 8 at 10 am, and led by Ron Ridenour.  The topic is “ROMANS 12: The Christian Life”.  Registration is requested; we hope to see you there!


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